Apple Mac OS X 10.12 will bring Siri voice assistant to the computer


The feature is currently available on almost every other major Apple product, including the Watch

Apple is set to bring Siri to its Macs, according to a new report.

The voice assistant debuted with the iPhone 4s in 2011. Since then, it has gradually made its way to the rest of Apple’s line-up, and is now set to make its last big jump and arrive on the Mac.

The computer version of Siri will be much the same as the one on the phone. It will be started by pressing a button or saying the words “Hey Siri”, and will allow people to search through their computers or start tasks.

But it will live in a little icon in the top right corner, according to a report from 9to5mac. It will also feature shortcuts that will allow it to be operated from the keyboard, according to the same report.

The voice assistant will feature the same dark look with waves of colour representing sound as is found on the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. But that could be re-designed before the release in summer, according to the report.

Siri on the Mac will serve as the big feature of the next update to Mac OS, 9to5mac reported. Otherwise, the release is likely to mostly offer speed improvements and bug fixes, rather than major new features.


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