Maintaining your security and protecting your anonymity on the internet is arguably one of the hardest things to pull off when you’re browsing the web.

However, there are quite a few hardened browsers that offer excellent protection for your browsing sessions. In addition, there are extensions available to add protection to the popular browsers used by most internet users.

In this article, I’ll share information about the popular “mainstream” browsers, including Microsoft’s Edge, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Opera Software’s Opera browsers. I’ll also discuss some options and settings you can adjust in your favorite browser to enhance the security of said browser.

I’ll take a look at alternative browsers that, while based on mainstream browsers, all add additional security and privacy features designed to provide better protection for you during your browsing sessions.

Finally, I’ll explore some web browser extensions that I particularly like, which offer increased security for your online travels. They’re free to use and can help prevent ad tracking, as well as increase the possibilities of avoiding the malware that’s just waiting to pounce on your browser.


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