Virtual / Part Time IT Manager


If your company is not the size to have dedicated IT personnel, or perhaps one of your managers or fee earners are responsible, then you are probably spending a lot of time on support. You might also have staff spending time away from their core business and therefore income is reduced.

That is why Software Junkies IT Services offers businesses all the benefits on-site staff give you, but at much reduced cost. Plus you don’t have to worry about normal employee costs such as National Insurance contributions, pensions or sickness and holiday pay.

With this model, you get your IT developed and improved to advance your business, whilst allowing you to concentrate on your company. You also get the advantage that we can also deal with upgrades and other support work outside of normal office hours – so that your business isn’t affected during your working day.

Added to this, you get to benefit from other services such as support, administration, remote support and more. With this sort of arrangement, we are also able to assist with support for marketing, including graphic and web design, and other requirements.


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