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Data loss can be seriously worrying. From irreplaceable family photographs to data essential to your business, it can all disappear in the blink of an eye, and it’s no laughing matter. Once this happens, your first thought might be to try a data recovery service.

However, they too fail and data loss happens on hard drives as well.

Cleanroom-Based Advanced HDD Data Recovery

Sometimes the only way to recover data from a hard drive is to partially disassemble it. If this requires exposing the drive head and platters themselves, it can only be carried out in a cleanroom environment.

A cleanroom facility is particularly important when it comes to hard disk drives because they’re based around spinning, magnetically-coated platters- and the tiny head that reads and writes data off them flies just two-millionths of an inch(!) above the disc surface on thin film of moving air. These discs have to be kept incredibly clean- even a tiny particle of dust or dirt can be catastrophically huge at such scale, causing the head to crash into the drive surface. This will lead to massive data loss (on top of any that was already gone) and the loss of the drive platter. Worse, the dust from the wrecked coating can then get onto the other platters, causing their heads to fail in a chain reaction.

In short, this is why any repair that requires exposing the hard drive platters must take place in a clean room environment- and it’s why we are able to carry out far more advanced hard drive data recovery than most of our competitors.