Data analysis suggests hatching 50 eggs from gifts should be enough for all the regionals — or about 25 to get one you’re missing

POKÉMON GO’s regional Pokémon have long been the bugbear of completionists without a huge travel budget.

That should have changed this month when it was revealed that the eggs players get when they send gifts to each other will have a chance of containing one of the four Pokémon locked to spawning specific parts of the world.

Your gifted 7km eggs have a roughly 12.5 per cent chance of containing one of North America’s Tauros, Asia’s Farfetch’d, Oceania’s Kangaskhan and Europe’s Mr Mime.

These odds don’t change based on where the egg is from, according to data gathered from several thousand hatchings and published on Reddit’s TheSilphRoad group of Pokémon hunters.

This means that you’ll have a better-than-evens chance of collecting the missing regionals you need after 24 eggs if you’re missing one, 39 if you’re missing two, and 50 if you’re missing three.

Bear in mind those are only the numbers when most trainers will have them all — if you’ve got bad luck then it could take you significantly longer.

Even after hatching twice that many, as many as one in twenty trainers may still have not got all the regionals they need because the distribution is random.

We recently revealed how changes are coming to Pokemon Go that will allow you to directly nominated your own Pokéstops in game after the game’s popularity surged again over the summer.

It’s also only a matter of weeks before Pokémon: Let’s Go is released, which takes the massive success of Pokémon Go and tries to bring it into a main RPG Pokémon game.

As well as a Pokéball controller, Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eeevee can be bought with a gorgeous limited-edition Switch.

Meanwhile, if you’re already a Pokémon fan who is stuck into Sun and Moon, it’s worth nothing you can get a free Shiny Poipole from today until 15 October, by picking up a card from retailer Smyth’s Toys.




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