Bug in Windows 10’s Latest Update Might Be Deleting Files, Back Up Your Data Now

Multiple Windows users are reporting the latest update is deleting documents. Consider backing up your data right now.

The Windows 10 October 2018 update is rolling out right now, but some users are reporting serious problems. Kevin Quitero reported losing documents on Twitter (via MS Power user). There’s also a Reddit thread full of users complaining about the issue.

Our main advice: back up your documents before updating any operating system, ideally locally. Windows’ File History is a good local option on the PC, and there are other backup options out there. There is always a chance of losing data during an OS update—that’s true for PCs, Macs, and all phones.

That doesn’t make this bug acceptable. It isn’t. Microsoft needs to fix this ASAP, especially if they’re going to push updates so aggressively. But backing up is a great way to protect yourself from losing data, so make sure you’re doing that regardless.


Consult a local IT professional if you are unsure



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