MAX PRICE iPhone XS Max is most expensive Apple phone EVER at £1,449 – and experts are already defending it


This year's flagship model replaces and borrows its design from last year's popular iPhone X

APPLE has unveiled its most expensive iPhone EVER as its new XS Max go on sale for £1,449 – and experts have already defended the high cost.

The "star of the show" was unveiled during a special iPhone launch event at Apple's California HQ this evening.

The flagship model for 2018 replaces and borrows its design from last year's popular iPhone X – costing £1,099 for the base 64GB model.

Prices for the 256GB and 512GB XS Max versions are even heftier, costing £1,249 and £1,449.

While the iPhone XS starts at £999 for the 64GB model and climbs to £1,349 for the 512GB version.

Apple CEO Tim Cook described the pair as "by far the most advanced iPhone we have ever created".

Defending the price, CCS Insight analyst and Apple expert Ben Wood said "The iPhone X S Max once again takes Apple into new territory when it comes to price.

He continued: "At £1,099 it's the most expensive iPhone to date, but I have little doubt that it'll be a huge success. It underlines what a powerful franchise Apple has created and that the public's love affair with the iPhone is stronger than ever."

"Apple continues to break all the rules when it comes to consumer electronics pricing. Once again it's increasing the price of its flagship device.

"It comes at a time when rivals like Samsung are under huge pressure, and it simply confirms the premium that people are prepared to pay for Apple products."

At 6.5in this year's iPhone XS Max  is nearly twice the size of an iPhone in 2007, when they measured just 3.5in.

Wood explained: "History tells us that every time Apple introduces a new larger-screen iPhone, it prompts a surge in upgrades by existing owners. We expect the iPhone X S Max to have exactly the same affect despite its £1,099 price tag."

Apple has improved the water resistance for its new iPhones, and says Face ID facial recognition will now work even faster.

The camera system has also been upgraded in all XS phones, while Apple also made a suprise announcement about the confusingly named iPhone XR.

Separate from the core iPhone XS series, it's designed as a cheaper option with a less premium LCD screen.




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