DON’T splash out on a brand new iPhone XS just yet – because Apple is about to make your old iPhone much faster.

The upcoming iOS 12 software update brings significant performance improvements to existing iPhone models, and it’s now just a few days away.




The iOS 12 update is available on phones and tablets going right back to 2013

The new iOS 12 update will begin appearing on iPhones and iPads on Monday, September 17.

Apple confirmed the speed boost back in June, during the original iOS 12 announcement.

Speaking at the keynote, Apple’s Craig Federighi said the company was “doubling down on peformance” with the update – and promised speed boosts for devices going right back to the iPhone 5S, iPhone SE and iPhone 6.

And, incredibly, it worked.

Apple’s Craig Federighi said the iPhone 6 Plus would see apps launch 40% faster, the keyboard load 50% faster, and slide to take photos up to 70% faster

This summer, iPhone beta testers had a chance to try out the iOS 12 update – and Apple and iPhone Reddit forums exploded with praise.

iPhone owners using iOS 12 on phones as old as 2013’s iPhone 5S reported huge performance improvements, potentially adding years of life to their device.

One user who upgraded to iOS 12 wrote: “My iPhone 6 feels like new again.”

Another cheery iPhone owner said: “iOS 12 is insanely fast! Running it on my [iPhone] 7 Plus and this thing feels new as day one. It’s almost unreal how fast and fluid this [update] is.”

The surprise speed-up was announced during this week’s Apple WWDC event in California.

“It really is something. I loaded it up on my old [iPhone] 5S and it runs so much better than I would have imagined,” a Reddit user revealed.

But it’s not just older iPhone models getting speed boosts: even newer handsets are seeing improvements thanks to the update.

“iPhone 7 here. I can confirm that iOS 12 feels really snappy and keeps a lot of apps open,” said one excited user.

Another said: “I’m running it on my [iPhone] 6S and it feels so nice. I thought that it was my battery slowing things down (still might) but they fixed something big in iOS 12. It’s like buttah.”

The good news is that iOS 12 isn’t just an update for iPhones.

It’s also coming to iPads too, which means people who’d stopped using their old and slow tablets may want to yank them back out of the drawers.

Some users who own an iPad Mini 2 and have updated to iOS 12 have noticed a major speed boost, even though the tablet launched way back in October 2013.

“I’m super impressed with how well iOS 12 is running on my iPad Mini 2. iOS 11 had it lagging on every second swipe or so but this build is something else,” wrote /u/_dyvil_.

“It’s almost too good to be true.”

And /u/UnstableParallel said: “Using my [iPad] Air 2 and there’s no lag at all. It’s so smooth.”

Even last year’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro “feels like it’s on steroids”, according to one impressed user.

What’s most impressive about the speed boosts is that the iOS 12 update was only in beta mode.

That’s a test version of the software, which means it wasn’t finalised and should’ve contained plenty of bugs.

The fact that there are such significant gains in beta mode bodes well for the full release.

User /u/michael60310 wrote: “Way faster and zero bugs I can find. If you don’t mention it’s a beta I wouldn’t even notice.”

And /u/thatsmysalad said: “So I’ve got an iPad Mini 2 and I pretty much declared it dead a while ago. The loading times and performance were just horrible, and I deemed it unusable.”

“Fast forward to today, running the latest beta and I am shocked. This thing is practically new. The OS is snappy, apps load up a lot faster, and it really feels like it has gotten a second life. Thanks, Apple.”

Apple came under fire last year for revealing it had been throttling the performance of old iPhone models to improve battery health.

The company eventually offered a way to turn this feature off, and offered discounted battery replacements – making old iPhones work like new again.

But Apple is likely keen to make further amends, which is probably why we’re seeing such a big focus on boosting performance with iOS 12.

Has your iPhone been feeling sluggish lately? Do you think the new update will make a difference? Let us know in the comments!


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