How To Protect Your Data From Fake Hotel WiFi Scams


Many travellers take free wireless internet hot spots for granted, and expect it from at the hotel, pool and even on the beach.

Scam artists know this and have been known to set up fake Wi-Fi hot spots, with the goal of stealing the information travellers submit through the connection.

The scam usually takes place in high-traffic areas, including coffee shops and hotel lobbies.

How to avoid it: These hot spots may have strange names, implying they are the official free Wi-Fi. However, these connections are not secure, but rather routed through a scammer’s portal. As a result, any move the traveller makes — including data input on forms — are all captured by the scammer.

If a Wi-Fi hotspot seems suspicious, don’t connect to it. Instead, always ask about the best network to connect to when at a new space, or look for a secure hotspot through a trusted provider.


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