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A variety of different methods of backing up your data are available. Whichever you choose, it is essential to observe the following:

Plan for total loss of your data (for example, theft of a laptop which contains all of your data).
If backing up data on an external hard drive, ensure that it is stored on different premises to prevent your backup data being stolen or damaged along with your computer.
If enabled by your backup device, password-protect backups to protect your privacy.

The first time data is backed up, a full backup will be carried out. Subsequent backups need only to be incremental – where only files that have been changed or added since the last backup are stored. Most modern backup processes select which mode to use automatically.

So What Do I Backup

  • Mobile Phone – Photos, Music and Settings.
  • Tablets – Photos, Music and Settings.
  • Computer / Laptop  – Photos, Music, Emails and Settings.
  • Server Computer – Accounts Data, Documents, Emails, Full System Backup

Online Backup – Cloud Backup

The use of online backup (also known as ‘cloud backup’) is increasingly popular owing to its added convenience, security and low cost.

You may back up any data from one or two documents or photos to the entire contents of your computer, with virtually no limitation on storage space. Some providers supply limited storage free of charge, but generally the cost of backups increases proportionally to the amount of data involved.

There are many providers of online backup. These include internet service providers (ISPs), internet security software vendors and companies such as Apple with the iCloud – to specialists.

Increasingly, the Cloud is being used for not only backups but primary storage. This enables you to access your data from any computer, smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world without having to carry the data with you, with its associated security risks. Using the Cloud for primary storage also ensures data security as providers back up your data as well as storing it. This overcomes most of the risks associated with storing data stored on your computer.

An example of online backup can be found here.


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